Q:   What does your service consist of?
A:  We recognize that you are trying to control your costs and make your marriage ceremony “special” for the two of you, but we also believe that although you are trying to control costs you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the ceremony.  Most family or friend officiants ordained online will use the first ceremony they find on the internet.  Our system allows you to choose and customize your ceremony so that it’s a reflection of the two of you!

Q:   How much does it cost?
A:  At a basic price of $195.00, our Ceremony Design service allows you to control the budget without sacrificing the quality of YOUR Wedding Ceremony – the very reason for the day!

marriage​Q:   What are our “Ceremony Options”?
A:  You can choose from a large presentation of options and influence everything that will be said during your wedding ceremony.  The Ceremony Workbook also contains options like Unity and other Ceremonies as well as potential readings.

Q:  Is this a “religious” ceremony?
A:  That would be up to the individual couple. 

Q:   How long is your ceremony?
A:  The average length is between 15 to 30 minutes … but YOU choose the length of the ceremony through the length of the options that you choose.

Q:  How will our officiant know what to do to make everything “smooth”?
A: We include annotated notes letting your officiant know when to have everyone stand or sit, when you should face each other, exchange vows, rings, and your first kiss.

Q:  Is this a ceremony that one of your Officiants would deliver?
A: Every marriage ceremony originates from the same workbook that we use at Officially Yours!!.  Each ceremony is constructed as if one of our award-winning officiants was delivering it for you.



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